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【Find Hoihoi-kun and check the answers 】JR Kagoshima Main Line : In-train advertisement


The answer was the red circled area in the image (in the middle under the Calico Bose Bridge)!

Thank you very much for looking for it. I hope you were able to find it.
Illustrations of Hoi Hoi Kun can be seen here and there in Nishimera Village.
Hopefully, you will be able to meet Mr. Hoi Hoi?
Please come visit us!

Hoi Hoi-kun is ... the image character of the village.
They are village spirits and guardian deities who descend to the rivers and become water deities protecting the rivers from the last day of spring to the last day of autumn, and who ascend to the mountains and become mountain deities protecting the mountains from the last day of autumn to the last day of spring.


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